Home Services Restoration

When your home gets worse for the wear, it can be difficult to withstand – not to mention costly. You once had a beautiful home or reliable appliances: what happened? Although it may seem harsh to deal with, you can still regain hope. Kellington Remodeling & Restoration is happy to bring homes back to their former glory. We do it all the time! If you’re stuck and don’t know where to begin, don’t worry. We have the skills and expertise to ensure that the job gets done correctly and that your home feels like a haven again.

We’ll come to your property, observe it, and get an estimate for you. Once we hash out the details, we can provide restoration services for you. Whether it’s a new cabinet, complete bathroom remodeling, or something even more prominent, we’re perfect for the task and will get it done in a professional, timely manner.

There are plenty of instances where we suggest you give us a call for some extensive restoration services. If your home has experienced the following, we can make it new again. The following are common causes for home restoration, and we have expertise in each area. Don’t hesitate to call us and ask if we can help you out in any way!  

  1. Weather damage
  2. Water damage
  3. Mold growth
  4. Odor damage
  5. Hoarding situations
  6. And any other applicable events.

We’re here to make your life easier. Your home should feel like a safe space where you can rest comfortably, not wonder if it’s going to fall apart at any moment. Kellington Remodeling & Restoration can make all of the difference and bring life back into your home. If your home needs a more straightforward fix that doesn’t require a massive undertaking, talk to us about remodeling! Whether the job is big or small, we’ll get it done.