Top Construction Trends of 2018

The future comes from innovation and shifting up how things have always been done. Every industry within the United States has to evolve in order to keep up with the economy and new technology that debuts each year. Even the construction industry must evolve. When you’re looking for home remodeling in Hastings MN, it’s good to know about the industry and business you’re interested in. Trends in the construction industry can have effects on everyday home improvement in Hastings Mn.

Labor Shortages

The number of skilled craft workers seems to decrease each year. This is a problem for industries that rely on man power. The shortage of constructions workers is caused by an increasing number of baby boomers retiring and an increasing number on young adults moving away from trade work.

Offsite Construction

Another trend of 2018 is the increase in offsite construction. More and more offsite construction companies are earning funding. Meanwhile many United States construction companies are partnering with prefab companies. This is a practice primarily used by big-business corporations as opposed to mom-and-pop businesses.

Technology to Face the Issues

One aspect of the construction industry that is causing issues is the addition of automation. While some claim automation is taking construction projects to new limits, others claim it takes jobs from skilled professionals.


It’s all over the news recently. The ecological state of the earth is getting worse and worse. For this reason, more companies are looking into sustainable practices. As consumers ask more about sustainability, this benefits the company, the consumer, and the planet.

When looking into home remodeling in Hastings MN, it’s best to understand what is going on in the industry. With construction facing a lot of negative trends, be sure to hire professionals you trust. Contact Kellington Remodeling at 612-490-4626 or visit them online.