Top Weather Conditions that Damages Siding

Living in Minnesota during the winter can feel like a roulette wheel. You never really know what kind of weather you’re going to have to live through. Sure, we know it’s going to be cold. Still, all the weather that comes with winter is intimidating not just to you, but to your house. At the end of a long commute, you get to hide out in the comfort of your home. Your home doesn’t have that same luxury — blizzards, sleet, and hail damage siding. Damaged siding can lead to higher energy bills and repairs. Here are the top weather conditions that can damage the siding.


Nobody likes a blizzard. It’s like the weather equivalent of glitter getting all over the rug. You’re going to get pummeled with snow, and it’s going to stick around, blanketing everything as far as the eye can see. When blizzards bring in too much snow, it can build up on your roof and along the sides of your house. As it melts, the continual wetness can decay your siding and what lies underneath.


Wind is the invisible killer. Well, not necessarily deadly to humans, it can take its toll on your house. It isn’t just the intense speeds that bang against your home that are dangerous to your siding. You also have to worry about the debris that wind can kick around. If you live next to trees, there’s a chance that branches can crash into your house and crack your roof and siding.


Sleet is the combination of rain and ice. If you ever want to be unreasonably cold, soaking wet, and stabbed dozens of times with little pellets, stand outside during a sleet storm. You can tell right away that it’s unpleasant. Now imagine being your house and taking all that moisture and ice. It can wear away at the integrity of your siding.


Hail is the big daddy when it comes to damaging the siding of your home — the larger balls of ice that crash down from the sky can reach dangerous speeds. As they pummel your house, the size and speed of the hail play a huge factor. If you see hail damage siding, you’re going to need a contractor come springtime.

Don’t let hail damage siding. Upgrade to the best siding before the winter weather takes its anger out on your house. For a contractor near you, contact Kellington Restoration at 612-490-4626 or visit us online.