Top Five Color Trends for House Painters

house painters Hastings MN Keeping up with the latest trends can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to color.  Whether we realize it or not, humans are emotionally moved by colors.  Because an individual’s response is not textbook when it comes to color, it can be tricky when choosing interior paint for our homes.  Often, trends and emotions will clash.  However, house painters in Hastings, MN are finding 2019 to bring color trends for everyone.  Whether your home gives a calm earthly vibe or a bright, energetic vibe, the array in the trend this year offers an excellent palette to choose from.

Lilac Gray

Currently trending in the United States, as well as in Europe, lilac gray is a refreshing alternative to commonly used dove gray.  This sophisticated hue offers warmth to any space its added.  Working well with neutral accents, lilac gray is versatile and can be utilized anywhere from the bedroom to the kitchen.


Another striking subtle, yet inviting color is hazelnut.  This warm hue leaves an impression of space in small areas.  This comforting addition is a timeless choice that offers versatility with décor.  Whether you choose to blend hazelnut walls with brightly accented living room furniture, or country inspired dining areas, you can be sure you will not be disappointed in the result.


For those who seek a pop of color, deep mustards and terra-cottas are taking over.  An excellent alternative to gold, these deep hues offer the perfect amount of color for an accent wall.  Further offset with décor of lighter tones, mustard should be used sparingly as it can easily consume a space.

Deep Greens

Making a comeback from the 1990s, dark greens have been popping up for the trendiest interior color choices.  Similar to mustard, dark greens can easily consume an area and should be used sparingly.  Creating a sense of nature and healing, large spaces that are well-lit are best suited for colors like hunter green.


Yes, you read that right.  However, we are not talking about the bright pastels that pop up around Easter time. We are talking about delicate, muted pastel tones.  Aqua mints, pinks, and the palest of yellows add a slight touch of color to neutral rooms while creating a soothing effect.  Areas like the kitchen, bathrooms, or even the bedroom are best suited if utilizing a pastel palette.  Depending on how it used, pastels can add elegance or the barely-there effect to your space.


Whatever color moves you, Kellington Remodeling and Restoration has your needs covered.  Offering interior residential and commercial painting services, Kellington has been named one of the best house painters in Hastings, MN.  If you are looking for quality and attention to detail, call the professionals at Kellington today and give your home a fresh new look (612) 490-4626.