The Best Siding to Avoid Hail Damage to Your Home Siding

Experiencing some of the harshest winters in the country, Minnesota is all too familiar with the damage storms can cause.  From homes to vehicles, one of the most devastating elements is hail.  If you’re a homeowner, you know that hail damage on siding can be devastating to your home.  However, if choosing a resilient siding material, you can protect your home from potential unwanted damage.  This article highlights a few options when choosing the ideal siding for your home.

Stone Siding

One of the most durable options for your home’s siding is stone.  This natural element not only provides an excellent layer of protection to the home but brings natural beauty to its appearance.  One of the most durable choices in siding, stone is unmatched in character with the protection it will provide the homeowner. The Cadillac of siding, stone has proven itself time and again to be the ultimate choice in home siding.

Brick Siding

A timeless choice, brick siding offers longevity that other options may not.  Although brick can be a more expensive install, it offers many desirable features to the homeowner.  Highly resistant to harsh elements, as well as fire, and requiring little to no maintenance, brick siding provides a rustic, elegant appearance that is sure to stand out.  Because of its proven strength, home insurance is typically lower to owners of a brick home.  Just another added benefit!


By far the most commonly used type of siding, vinyl offers many benefits to the homeowner. One of the most appealing features is the relatively low cost making it an affordable option for many.  The wide variety of colors and textures allow the homeowner to create a unique look in a popular product.  Although maintenance is relatively easy, vinyl can bend or warp in extreme heat conditions.  Similarly, if the weather brings extreme cold, vinyl can crack, and hail can leave behind costly repair bills.


Another moderately affordable siding option is wood. Also providing a natural aesthetic to the home, wood is easily replaced.  However, continuous replacement costs can add up.  If not properly maintained, wood can become damaged from many different elements.  Not only will hail cause significant damage, but intense sun, insects, and excessive moisture can all become problem areas for the homeowner.

Whichever siding you choose, Kellington Remodeling and Restoration can help protect your siding from hail damage.  Experts in the installation of all types of siding, the team at Kellington can provide your home superior levels of protection.  Visit us online or call us at (612) 490-4626 for your free consultation.  004